Saturday, January 9, 2016

Personalized Stamps

I'm not usually one to promote someone else's store unless it's important... LOL
I've been asked so many times who makes personal stamps now that I don't.  I didn't know of anyone until I found this link on Facebook tonight.
So enjoy my friends. :O)

Remember me!!  Shop small,

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Stickers Galore!!

Happy New Year! 
I've been planning our calendar for the next year and it's gonna be busy!  We have 7 conventions planned.  I hope you will be able to meet us for at least one!  Here is a list:
Indy, Akron, Cinci, Mt. Clemens, Ft. Wayne, Sevierville (TN),  Birch Run.  More info later.
Here is a group of cards made by Laura Rios with some of our sheet stickers. These stickers are only $1.99 and have 15 pictures on them!!  I'll be putting them online as soon as I have time. :O)
Enjoy your day!