Wednesday, August 23, 2017

It's Settled

Well, you got us for a few more years.  The lease is settled and the repairs are DONE!!  No more leaking back door or front windows.  No more stuck front door!  This new guy who's doing the work is GOOD!!
It's been a while since posting, but we've had a busy summer.  Pittsburgh was FUN.  We took Drew with us and he had a great time.  He did realize that we were putting him to work about 15 minutes into set up. LOL  He is so funny.  He ran the register and did a demo or two, also.
We took a couple more days off just to relax....Did a ball game, took a Ducky ride and walked till my feet couldn't take it any more!!  It was good to not have to think about the store and everything surrounding it.
Clarity has been good to us.  I've been getting my orders in a very timely manner!  I have been sending them advance notice of what I will be needing and this gives them extra time to make up the plates.

Laura and I are going to Buffalo this weekend without Jeff and with just Groovi.  I guess we will see how that turns out.  Prep'd for 100+ make-n-takes for the pre-convention party.  It's going to be a busy weekend.

Well, until next time,
Shop local, shop small!!