Sunday, December 31, 2017

Resolve-Happy New Year!

As I pondered today about the new year I got to thinking about all the mean girls in high school.  You know the ones.  The ones who made fun of others if they were different or didn't have money.
I remember a few years back I hosted a retreat weekend and there were some new people there I had not met before.  I was friends with a gal that was VERY artistic and had ADHD.  Those people never bothered me.  I had friends from all walks of life, eclectic, weird and popular.  Except for the mean girls, I didn't care for the mean girls.
Anywhooo, these women whom I had never met before had gone to school with my friend and let me know that she was not the kind of person they wanted to hang with.  WOW, if they had only taken a minute to talk with her they could have found out what a very talented person she was.  She was very insecure and always needed approval for her work, but the child in her needed that reassurance.
They were MEAN girls.  Still after 20 or more years out of high school and they couldn't/wouldn't take the time to get to know why she was a little weird.  Little did they know she had been molested by a family member and went into a shell.  Little did they know her hair was so thick she had to wear it up everyday to keep it out of her eyes.  Little did they know they were part of the problem, not the solution.  I had a lot of acquaintances in high school.  I could say friends, but I only had a handful of good friends.  The ones I trusted, had something in common with and who I could tell my darkest secrets to. 
I'm still that way today.  I have a lot of people I call acquaintances.  Weird, eclectic and ADHD.  Those kinds of people don't bother me.
So to all the MEAN GIRLS who still exist....move on, cuz this girl doesn't have time for all that.
Have a great New Year and resolve to make a weird friend in 2018.
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Monday, December 18, 2017

Gift Cards

Hi Everyone,
You now have the ability to send or get a gift card to the online store!!  Ahh, I'm still learning these fantastic things.  Here is the link:
This will help those who are always trying to give the perfect gift.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cards for Soldiers Project and Events

"Cards for Soldiers" Project

The Project is two-fold; we make handcrafted and signed greeting cards to be sent to our troops that are deployed overseas.  The hand-signed cards are usually thank you, we miss you, holiday cards, etc. to let the soldiers know that we appreciate their service and miss them.  The rest of the cards are left blank so that the soldiers can send greeting cards home to their loved ones.  The subject of those greetings is left up to the designer of the card. 

Our troops need cards to send home to their families as the facilities to obtain greeting cards are very limited.  The troops do not always have access to email or phone services and enjoy sending cards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. home to their loved ones.  We have partnered with individuals that prepare care packages for Soldier Angels and Desert Angels to get the in the care packages and to the soldiers. 

They also need supplies to make cards.  So if you have any scrapbooking or card making supplies that you would like to donate to the program, feel free to drop them off at The Paper Hollow and Cheryl will see that they get to the project coordinators.

Monetary donations are also accepted to help offset the cost of mailing the cards to the soldiers.  Gift cards to JoAnns, Meijers, Michaels, Hobby Lobby or any craft store (like The Paper Hollow) are also welcome to help with the project.

Questions?  Feel free to contact Charly Mathews at 586-995-1963 or

Cards for Soldiers Project Days

Four special days have been set aside for donations in January.

The weekend of January 12 & 13 we will have a make a card day.  Volunteer your time to come in and make some cards for our troops.  Sign up required.  Spend an hour or two using your supplies and donated supplies to make as many as you like.

The weekend of January 19 & 20 are DROP OFF days.  Clear out your crafting stash and donate those unwanted papers, embellishments, etc. to the cause.  Drop them off at the store during business hours.

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