Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What's all the V.I.B.E. about?

Been a long road, but we finally got VIBE off and running.  American Vellum Craft is a new company and VIBE is Vellum Impressions Beautifully Embossed.  Acrylic boards that are laser etched to help you create beautiful vellum embossing.
I had asked the UK company to make us some American images and they NEVER acknowledged the email so I found a manufacturer that would.  We now have flags, eagles, pumpkins, turkeys and a WHOLE lot more.  All the boards can be found in our online store.

Only one more convention to go.  Twelve is a lot of conventions, but this year we needed them because of the road construction....yep, it's still going on.  They are almost done though.  I give it another week or so. Today it is raining so they won't do anything even if it clears up.  We added Rockford, IL for next year and got accepted to MegaMeet in Novi, Mother's Day weekend.

So, I'll be busy, busy for the next month or so and then lots of new adventures starting next year.  Stay tuned.

Till next time,

VIBE Examples: