Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Busy Days

So, I see I've been lax on blogging, again.  Here we are almost in June.  We've had 3 conventions, 1 surgery, 5 birthdays...Mother's Day and Memorial Day.

I had trigger finger release in my pinky left hand.  #8.  Doc said he's never had anyone who's had all 10 done.  I told him I might be his first. Only 2 more to go.  Both on my right hand, so I won't be looking forward to those.  Luckily they are not bothering me at all!!

Our convention in Indy (Dansville, IN) was GREAT!!  New venue and days (Fri & Sat).  We were a little worried, but it all worked out...until Saturday when it was time to drive home and a blizzard hit.  It took us an hour to go 20 miles, but once we got on I-69 it was gone.  Spent the night in Ft. Wayne and drove the rest of the way on Sunday morning.

Convention in Akron was good.  We were up in sales and introduced a lot of people to Groovi.  Then off to NY, Syracuse.  Sales were a little down.  Not sure if it was the rain or what.  Did a class with Groovi and had a blast!!  The border patrol were jerks and we ended up having to go around Canada instead of through it, but it all worked out.  Spend Sunday night at Angi's in Rochester, NY and finished up the drive Monday.

So we've been busy on the road.  The store is slow right now due to construction....I hope that is all it is.  Classes are still going strong, but I would like to see more people during the week.

I had some custom papers done.  LOVE THEM!!  And the customers are loving them as well!!  I just got them a couple of weeks ago and will need to order them again very soon.

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