Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Just Groovin'

It's been a while, but there is a good reason!!  Everyone is Groovin'!!   Well, quite a few any way.  I've now gone from 3 full classes to 5 booked in April and all but one is almost full.  It might have to do with the Hummingbirds, but I can always dream it's my fun way of teaching and great personality. :O)
I was befuddled a couple of days ago.  I started a card and couldn't figure out how to finish it.  So I posed the question to my FB group "Groovin' in the USA".  Some of the answers were really funny.  I didn't post the question quite right and then I read an answer the wrong way and responded to it with a flip quirk.  Glad she is my friend.
So, here is the unfinished piece and the finished piece to compare.  I really like how it ended up and it will make a great display piece for Easter.
Till Next Time,

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