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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Things were Hoppin'

The most wicked 2 days of the season is Shoppe Hop!!  Laura and I are beat.  Laura instructed the cards and talked up voting for the grant.  AND we got most of the order from England packaged and on the shelves!!
Art Impressions came in also!!  They are almost all up on the back wall.  I've been cleaning house so there is a ton of stuff in the clearance bin! Next week you must come by and see all the new 3d's, line/corner stickers, stamps and dies!!
Thanks so much for voting to help us grow!!  If you haven't voted, please go to the website: and vote.  Also, share with ALL your friends.  We need 250 votes just to be eligible.
Have a great weekend!!

PS - You must have a FaceBook account to vote.  I know it stinks!!  So if you aren't on FB, ask someone who is to vote.  Thanks!!

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