Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm not the Expert!

Hey, incase you missed out... I sat in on Irene's Distress Ink class this past Saturday.  WOW, I had a lot of fun learning about these fabulous inks!  I have so many ideas running through my head it's spinning.  Can't wait to showcase it in my future cards.
Here is a sample of what I did.  Of course I didn't follow the rules so everybody's cards were different than mine.  Yes, I'm one of those students.  That is why I usually don't take classes from my instructors...I don't want to intimidate them or make them feel bad that I don't always follow along.
I love how they turned out!!
Watch for upcoming classes and sales!  New product is arriving all this week!!
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Unknown said...

Why would your instructors feel intimidated or bad about you not following instructions? As a former altered arts/papercraft designer and teacher, I found those to be the BEST students! That sort of experimentation leads to amazing things!

Cheryl said...

I've been with some instructors who, if you don't follow along with them exactly, freak out.
Then I have others who learn from what's going on around them. Every class is a different experience.
I also have been in classes at stores, where I try to remain unknown, but when they find out I own a store and that I teach suddenly get intimidated and won't talk to me any more or recognize my presence in the room. It gets quite unsettling.
Once in a big box store, now closed, I made a suggestion and her response was "this is the way corporate said to do it". It was like nothing could change from her plan, even though we were supposed to clean polymer stamps with staz-on cleaner. Yikes. I was trying to save people from ruining their stamps. So, I try not to make anyone uncomfortable any more by changing up my cards.