Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I Don't Wanna

After not wanting to come in today and being right on time, I started up the Cricut and I'm cutting away.  I got the newest cartridge from CTMH and I'm loving it.

I think I'll just cut all day until my orders come in.  Then I have to work.  But here are a few things I've been cutting.  I need to submit classes to a couple of conventions so I had to start now.  Can you guess what I'll be teaching?? lol

Don't forget us during the holidays.  We have gift cards for those who cannot decide what they want or you not knowing what to get them.

Remember to shoppe small,


Unknown said...

Which new Cricut cartridge? Are you making up Graduation card kits? I always try to shop small when I can and I also participate in the 3/50 project. If you aren't familiar with this project it is based on the concept of keeping one's money in their community by selecting 3 small businesses and pledging to spend $50 between the 3 every month. 3/50 is great for the business owner, great for the employees, great for the community and great for the consumer! Everyone benefits! You can get more information at

Cheryl said...

I just go the new cartridge from CTMH, called Artistry. I hope to make some graduation kits. The 3/50 project sounds cool. I will check it out.