Thursday, November 17, 2016

Everything is Groovi!!

It's been a busy show season but we are finally done and looking forward to more events "in" the store than "out".
The Groovi plates have been VERY popular.  I was published on the CardMaker Magazine Blog ( November 2.  
We have over 50 Groovi plates in stock and I've been teaching classes.  I'm also starting a Groovi Design Club in January, where if you sign up in the online store you will get a plate, card kit and instructions.  It's so people here in the states can do Club without all the exchange fees and extra postage required from the UK.
Here are a couple of pics from the store!!

I had to move inventory around just to make room for all the new plates that came in on Tuesday.  I've even got the latest Linda Williams designs!! (not my friend Linda, just the same name).
It's really been a Groovi time here and there are still more to come.

Please remember to shop small!!
Til then,


Bobbi said...

I love Groovi, and am interested in the new club starting in Jan. but will we get a preview as to what the plate will be for each month, not all at once but one at a time. I have several plates already and would not want to get duplicates. Will more info be forth coming on what the kit will include? Thanks in advance for your answers. Barb

Cheryl said...

There will be no returns or refunds with this club. They will be baby plates if that helps.

Joan DR said...

Will you be getting all the new Christmas groovi plates in soon?
Also It looks like your store has a lot more of the groovi plates and other product than seems to be in the online store. Do you carry any of the Clarity stamps? It would be nice to get those along with the groovi plates here in the US.
I have taught myself to do regular parchment work, not real great at it but with no teachers anywhere around I've done the best I could. I used to be able to use a real pen with nibs and ink to do the pattern work but my hands have become so shaky that I don't even try that now. So the Groovi technique is a real help to me.
Your new club sounds interesting but I already have all the basic plates and quite a few of the design plates.

one more comment, do you carry the Clarity wave light? I bought it and started using it an oh my what a difference it makes!! It is nice and flat and the light goes up and down to the strength you want. Wish I had this years ago just doing regular parchment. Once you try it you would never go back to working without it. Yes its expensive but to me it is a must have along with the basic starter plates. Give it a try if you haven't already Cheryl.

Cheryl said...

Joan I am still in the growing process with Groovi. I do have more plates in my store than in the online store.
The Club plates will be plates that are not available for sale, so if you were to join you wouldn't get any plates you already have.
I just bought my adapter for my light box over the weekend and I'm anxious to try it out sometime today!! Glad you like it. Yes it was pricey, it would be a order only item.
Since I am still in negotiations with Clarity regarding the club things may change. I'm not sure what Christmas plates you are referring to, but I am up to date on all the plates except the ones that just came out last week. If you don't see what you want you can always email or call to see if I have it in stock.