Monday, August 14, 2023

Craft Show Season is Coming....

 We've been so busy with the bathroom renovation (it's almost done), Stamp Conventions, etc. I haven't been able to craft.

The bug is in me!!  I'm booked solid November-December.  I hope you'll come out and see me.

The schedule is:

Dakota High School - Macomb Township - November 4

Mott High School - Warren - November 11

Chic & Unique - Warren (MCCC) - November 19

St. Nick's Warehouse - Ford II High School - Sterling Heights - November 25 & 26

L'anse Cruse High School - Chesterfield -  December 2

Athens High School - Troy - December 9

Michigan Makers - Suburban Showcase - Novi - December 16

I just hope I can get a lot more done for all these shows.  I have the supplies, I just need to take the time.  

Well, 5 more stamp conventions to go this year.  Hope you can come out to at least one!!

Check the website for locations and dates.

Til next time,


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